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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Barry M Nail Paint in Pink Flamingo.

This is the perfect pinky-coral colour - I have a whole box full of nail varnishes but all of them look so boring compared to this, I've been wearing it obsessively for days (and I usually change things up every couple of days). If anyone knows of a lipstick in a similar shade please please tell me of it, I'm really loving coral at the moment.

Also, bit random but I've recently been using, which is a marvellous site that delivers yummy, natural snacks straight to your door. They have an amazing range of snacks to choose from and if you use this code - 8X1MFPG - you can get your first box for free! Just thought I'd share the love (and for every friend I refer, I get £1 off my next order). I thoroughly recomment the wasapeas, the golden honey nut hazels and the cracked black pepper cashews. YUMMY!


  1. pretty nails. and I LOVE graze!

  2. great color

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  3. I love that nail color!! Thank you for sharing that yummy website!! My mom would love it!! xoxoxoxoo

  4. Awesome polish colour. And that site looks amazing!
    Lovely blog

  5. Ooooh, one of my fave Barry M nail paints. It really suits you xx

  6. Aww thanks for letting us know about! Will have to check it out... I need to find healthier snacks than Maltesers and M&M's.
    That nail colour is just gorgeous, and you've applied it so perfectly. I've just spent over an hour and half doing and re-doing my nails so I could use these tacky world cup nail stickers I bought earlier... They just look a total mess and they sucked up sooo much time. Not sure I can bare to blog them, they are such an embarrassment to society.
    Soz for essay, my point is - lovely nails! :) x

  7. Cute blog ♥

  8. I have that same colour. I'm totally in love with the lilac colour too.


  9. Ooh that looks a really nice colour! I used graze for a while, so yummy!


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