Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Oh, I was so smug wasn't I? "Lalalala...Orange Wednesdays... lalala Sex and the City..."

I thought "oh, we'll be sensible, we'll go to the Odeon straight from work, buy our tickets then go for food. Simple. Easy. Bish bash bosh."

Except when we got to the Odeon at 6pm, it was already heaving with stupid, half-term, Orange-code-wielding teens and not only was the 7pm showing sold out, but the 8pm and 8.30pm showings were too.


So now I am home, still none the wiser as to what happens in the movie. This is the THIRD time my plans to see it have fallen through.

Oh and Odeon Cinema Liverpool? Instead of having fifteen LCD screens which play the exact same loop of cola being sexily poured over ice in slow motion, why don't you put some actual information up there, like... oh I don't know... whether or not a film is sold out, so that good, innocent folk like me don't have to queue up for no frikkin' reason? Just a suggestion.

Here is an image which may or may not be from Sex and the City 2. I have no idea because I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN IT.



  1. I've seen it tonight and it's fantastic! Really really funny, I was a bit scared bcs I read a few bad reviews, but I think I enjoyed it more than the first one! Enjoy, when you finally get to see it ;) xx

  2. Argh disastrous news! It's definitely worth the wait though :) x

  3. I've heard it's massively offensive and all the characters are clichéd, worsened versions of themselves. I've been warned not to see it but I might have to just out of morbid curiosity!

  4. I hated it. Honestly, when everyone said it was pants, I was all 'blah, I'm still going, I love SATC'. But then I saw it... and it was bad... real bad.


  5. See now, there's so many mixed opinions! I'm trying not to be influenced too much either way; I'm just going to go with fairly low expectations and then I can't be disappointed! If nothing else, at least there'll be some pretty clothes to look at...


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